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We provide both Montessori Learning and Thematics Learning Environment.

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Welcome to Smart Montessori & Smart Berriis Preschool.

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Maximise Your Kids Potential

Upon entering pre-school, usually children will bring with them a variety of personal and social skills, values, and attitudes. No matter how little these are, it is important that they foster these values and from the relationships and experiences within the home and immediate environment, we will help them to cultivate their learning environment. We provide classes for:

We provides a broad range of specially designed learning tools to maximise our children learning capacity and also cultivate building character development.

SMART program enable your kids to be independent in their learning and at the same time cultivate good foundation for building character development. The laying of good foundation for children character building will lead to an excellence in leadership. Smart Montessori provides a broad range of specially designed learning tools to maximise our children learning capacity and also cultivate building character development. Smart Montessori has included learning of international chess and phonics into our syllabus.

Smart program develops kids from inside-out, by first educating their inner core forming a basis of character development and gradually building their knowledge which we term as an outer core, that is laying a strong foundation in their area of interest. Smart Montessori adopts Montessori teaching methodology, observing and creating a learning environment that suits the children, and attentively blending Confucius ideology into their lesson, such as respect, caring, honesty, integrity and being a good person. We take a genuine interest in your children and we want them to be successful in life.

Montessori Experience

Practical Life Skill Guiding children towards personal and social responsibility.
Sensory Learning     Stimulating children's learning through the senses.
Maths     Developing children's literacy through adaptive learning
Cultural & Social Studies Providing experiences that enhance a child's global view of the world.
Peace & Social Skills   Helping children to build friendships and interact peacefully
in the world.
Art     Developing children's appreciation for art through open-ended
Foreign Language   Growing children's communication skills in non-native languages.
Music & Science Science enhancing children's learning through musical activities and experiences.Garden Growing a child's appreciation for science, nature and the world all around.











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Some of our Activities in our centres

An hour of chess a week can improve a pupil's performance in maths by 30%.