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Smart Berriis Preschool & Childcare @ Beijing China

Smart Berriis is Thematic Classrrom based Learning Environment, which evolved from Smart Montessori. Except for the learning mode for children, the syllabus and curriculum, are similar. Smart Montessori is an activities learning with open concept learning environment. We provide a broad range of specialized skills and knowledge in children development. Our thematic learning is very current tagging to the children's interest. At Berriis we build foundation block for kids' learning and building their knowledge, and inculcate values and good character development. Smart Berriis programme in the centre covers many areas namely Language (both English and Chinese), Phonics and pinyin, Mathematics, Science (Practical Life), and Cultural Study. With the implementation of the Smart curriculum, the literacy standard of the children improved tremendously. All our children are now able read simple readers from the age of 3 and most of the children are able to read fluently at kindergarten 1 level.

Our well designed Chinese language curriculum allows children to learn the language painlessly in a fun and creative way. Fifty percent of the curriculum time is dedicated for the learning of Chinese language. As such, many of our children are bilingual.

Why Berriis?
Berriis means "Hundreds or Many Opportunities" or 百利 in chinese.

We want to create many opportunities for all our children.
Some of our enrichment programme such as Speech and Drama, Music and Movement, Chess, Phonics, Art and Craft as well as Show and Tell are conducted in both Chinese and English and are charged separately. The basic main stream curriculum programs are inclusive in our child care programme with no additional charge.

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