Introduction Course in the Montessori Approach to Education Montessori Curriculim - Teacher Training & Development


Heading   Topics Duration
A. Overview   Getting Ready  
  1 Introductory Talk on the Needs of the Baby and Young Child 45 mins
  2 How to Give a Lesson 30 mins
B. The Visual Sense   Study of Dimension  
  3 Introduction to Dimension through the Knobbed Cylinders 30 mins
  4 Further Study of Size through the Pink Tower, Broad Stair, and Long Rods 55 mins
  5 Advanced Study of Size through the Knobless Cylinders 20 mins
    Study of Color  
  6 Criteria for Quality Educational Materials 35 mins
  7 Introduction of Color through the Color Tablets 30 mins
  8 Introducing Terminology with the use of the Three Period Lesson 30 mins
    Study of Shape  
  9 Introduction to Shape through the Geometric Cabinet 55 mins
  10 Study of thr Representation of Shape Through the Geometric Cards 16 mins
  11 Study of the use Shape in Tessellation 15 mins
  12 Study of Geometric Solids 50 mins
    The Sense of Touch  
  13 Activities for Refining the Sense of Touch 40 mins
  14 The Stereognostic Sense 25 mins
    The Auditory Sense  
  15 Activities for Development Awareness of Diffrtences in Sound through the Sound Cylinders 60 mins
    Study of Parttern as a Preparation for Math  
  16 The Binomial Cube 30 mins
  17 The Trinomial Cube 40 mins
C. Practical Life 18 Overview of Practical Life 70 mins
  19 Dressing Frames 40 mins
  20 Walking the Line 50 mins
  21 The Silence Lesson 30 mins
D. The Classroom 22 Setting up and Organizing the Classroom 60 mins
  23 Starting the Year 60 mns

Montessori Experience

Practical Life Skill Guiding children towards personal and social responsibility.
Sensory Learning     Stimulating children's learning through the senses.
Maths     Developing children's literacy through adaptive learning
Cultural & Social Studies Providing experiences that enhance a child's global view of the world.
Peace & Social Skills   Helping children to build friendships and interact peacefully
in the world.
Art     Developing children's appreciation for art through open-ended
Foreign Language   Growing children's communication skills in non-native languages.
Music & Science ScienceEnhancing children's learning through musical activities and experiences.Garden Growing a child's appreciation for science, nature and the world all around.








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