School Tour: Smart Berriis @ West Coast

 Smart Berriis @ West Coast Open House
Exclusive Promotion: 1st 3 months fee off and waive off $100 from school fees & Open House on 17th Aug 2019
Location: 2A Julibee Road, Singapore 128524
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About Smart Berriis

We are an affordable friendly centre whereby, we nourish the young children and guide them in their learning towards primary education. We embark on the long journey of education with our motto, "We play, learn and grow together".

Our Regular Fee

Service TypeAgeFee Before Government Subsidy
Child Full Day18 months to 6 years old$930
Child Half Day18 months to 6 years old$730

Our core curriculum

1. Character Development

2. Social & Emotional Development

3. Analytical Skills

4. Enrichment Program

5. Physical Development

6. Intellectual Development

7. Artistic and creative Development

Some of Our Programmes

Upon entering pre-school, usually children will bring with them a variety of personal and social skills, values, and attitudes. No matter how little these are it is important that they foster these values, from the relationships and experiences within the home and immediate environment; we will help them to cultivate further through their learning environment.

School Tour: SMI Berriis West Coast

Partnership with families and community

Road Safety Program

Children learn traffic rules and they are also taught to identify and interprete various road signs.

School Tour: SMI Berriis West Coast

My Learning Journey

Children will have an early start to master important life skills, presentation techniques and enhance social interactions which is conducted every day.

SMI Berriis provide individual learning and group teaching. More concrete materials are used for abstract learning.

School Tour: SMI Berriis West Coast

Music and movement

Music and movement is important for children to pick up skills such as speaking, counting and reading. It is a fun way to learn all these skills in an enjoyable manner.

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